BHR Global put together some best practices and resources to guide product designers and developers through some of the key steps of getting a product to retail. How can we help you? 

Additional Resources

  • US Patent and Trademark

  • Learn about and sign up for a UPC vendor

  • Trade Show News Network - Find a trade show:

  • U.S. Census Bureau - Find details on target market size:

  • Customs & Border Protection - U.S. trade laws:

  • International Trade Commission - Tariff info and HTS codes:

  • Nimble Leader - BHR Global is a member of this management consultancy group. Link your business strategy, leadership behavior, and business results in ways that are sustainable and enduring. 


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Do Invention Service Companies Work?

You've likely seen ads for companies that -- for a fee -- will help you get your invention patented and make you a lot of money. While some of these firms are reputable, we've heard many cautionary tales from inventors and designers that never saw results. BHR Global is not an invention service firm. We rely on our vast experience to help you find the best way to get your product to market successfully.