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Global Sourcing

With access to production facilities worldwide, including in China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Germany, Israel, the US, and South Korea, we've worked with facilities that utilize a broad range of manufacturing processes from injection molding to metalworking to cutting and sewing. We work to ensure manufacture of the best quality product at the most cost-effective facility. We encourage supply chain optimization through data sharing relationships with vendors.


Supply Chain & Logistical Support 

Our worldwide alliances can provide full transportation and logistical support services tailored to your needs through each phase of the logistics cycle. From Freight and Customs to Warehousing and Distribution, we assist with:
•    Inventory planning, forecasting, and purchase order controls
•    Startup quantities through roll out
•    Inventory management to ensure customer service goals

•    Partner with suppliers to create an optimized supply chain 

Product Development
From finalizing product ideas to assisting in the development of additional products that will round out the line or offering, BHR Global has relationships with companies that can provide product drawings and models to prove the concept and aid in the pre-sales process.


Marketplace Assessment & Recommendations

•    How the product or similar products are displayed at retail
•    Appropriate pricing
•    Pack size requirements
•    Space allocations
•    Point of purchase (POP) requirements


Retail Sales Support
We have built relationships with a network of sales representatives who will deliver the best potential return for your product. BHR Global's network sells to most major retailers.

Process Driven

Proven Success

BHR Global helped create the right pricing strategy for the Alligetter, grabbing the attention of

Amazon customers all over the world.

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